The new blog ‘Riding Shotgun’ has arrived…

'Riding Shotgun' was the term used for the role a bodyguard sitting alongside the driver of a stagecoach in the Wild West. The bodyguard's role was to provide some 'double barrel' action against bandits, cowboys and hostile Indians. The Wild West days might be long gone, but theological bandits, religious cowboys, and yella liberals (some masquerading as tobacco chewing evangelicals) are still nonetheless circling and harassing those faithful to the historic Protestant and reformed faith. These people seek to undermine and steal away the precious gospel rediscovered at the reformation.

In a day marked by unquestioning and blind adherence to the philosophy of cultural marxism and moral therapeutic deism - I am talking first about the church not the world - we need more than ever to remember our history. Orwell was right, 'He who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.' But if we remember and teach the past, they cannot control the future (What Orwell never knew, however, was that behind it all God controls the past, present and future). But Orwell's point, from a human point of view, is well made. 

Thus, before those controlling the present cancel out the past through their vivid imaginations, ignorance, and shameless rewriting of history, we are going to ride shotgun with the Protestant reformers Martin Luther and John Calvin (and by default Augustine and the Apostle Paul). These two men provide us with the theological 'double barrels' required to ward off any threat we face from the hostile forces encircling us today, whether they those forces be good, bad, or ugly...and maybe learn some history and chew theology in the process.

But remember, and most importantly, if you want to ride shotgun properly with Luther and Calvin, you will need a moustache, a sense of humour, a scatter gun have seen one John Wayne movie - at least!

No anabaptists were hurt in the production of this blog. For those mountain men and hill billies who need to be told: no it is never ok to use a shotgun in the defence of the Christian faith...I recommend an 1892 lever action Winchester like the Rifleman used, although it wasn't invented yet...when he used it.