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Prayer in Psalm 5

Dale Ralph Davis laments the lack of ordered and thoughtful prayers in worship: We find too little of this in the church. We don’t order our prayers; we simply start in with our religious rattling and easy Christian clichés. ‘We just want to thank you, Lord; we’re just really glad to be here; we ask […]

Luther on Suffering…

‘…every Christian should submit himself to this suffering that he is sure that it will work for his good and that Christ, for his Word’s sake, will not only help us to bear this suffering but also turn and transform it to our advantage. And again what makes this cross more agreeable and bearable for […]

Arminians and Particular Redemption

In discussing whether Arminians believe in particular redemption, often they are caricatured to not hold to it. Many Arminians themselves are opposed to Particular Redemption (i.e. election) without realising that Arminian theology does actually hold to it. It’s the basis of Particular Redemption that the Arminians get wrong. Is it God’s sovereign choice, based on […]

A sausage anyone..?? Part 2.

As you ponder your now renewed desire to burn a sausage in memory of reformed Christians burned by the RC Church (because of their belief in the protestant gospel) let me encourage you to celebrate the Swiss reformation with Zwingli’s own words from his sermon: ‘Paul also says, Colossians 2:16: “No man shall judge you […]

A sausage anyone…??

500 years ago this Easter, the reformation publicly kicked off in Switzerland. Huldrich Zwingli had for some time been coming to reformation truths similar to Luther, and at times independent of Luther, but it took a good old BBQ to make the reformation official. There were people in Zurich who were printers. They had worked […]

R.L Dabney on true conversion

It seems too simple these days for one to call themselves a christian. Whether one has grown up in a christian home or had some spiritual ‘experience’ which leads them to church, we need to ask the question what is true conversion? Church membership should be the place where pastors can pursue the validity of […]

Robert L Dabney on the 5 points of Calvinism…

RL Dabney is considered by many to be one of the greatest theologians of the USA. BB Warfield praised him – excepting his views on slavery. He was a Southern Presbyterian and a Chaplain and Chief of Staff to the famous (and Presbyterian) ‘Stonewall’ Jackson. This is what Dabney says in his introduction to the […]

Heidelberg Disputation (Thesis 2)

The showdown with Aristotle continues. The good, the bad, and the ugly have just been told that keeping the law will not advance them towards righteousness, rather, it will hinder them and make them worse. Luther follows with some more shots in quick succession, with a rifle on loan to him by one Chuck Connors […]

The Reformation TULIP

As someone who appreciates and values the contributions of both Martin Luther and John Calvin, I am dumbfounded at how many Lutherans and Presbyterians there are who are arrogant towards the respective ‘leading men’ of the others’ church. I have seen Lutheran’s who despise Calvin as a reformation piggyback and look down on him as […]


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