The Priority of Worship: Sinclair Ferguson

For those interested in the state of worship in Protestant–let alone reformed–churches this is a good sermon to watch. Note the similarities of todays visuality in services with videos and power points and the worship practice of Roman Catholic Churches.

reformation Day

It’s coming. It’s just over a month away. How will you remember it? Do you remember it? It’s what makes Protestants – Protestant! But how many Protestants even know why they are Protestant? Many Protestants probably spend more time protesting against people ‘judging’ them instead of protesting against the false gospel of the Roman Catholic … Continue reading reformation Day

If you don’t read the AP….AP Article: Daniel Andrews, the Taliban & the Sexual Enslavement of Women

In the same month that the Taliban in Afghanistan are forcing girls as young as ten-years-old to be ‘wives’ for their soldiers, Daniel Andrews has announced that he will move to decriminalise prostitution. As the Rev. Dr. Peter Barnes, the Moderator-General of the Presbyterian Church, told AP: “The Taliban and Wokeness represent two different ways of… … Continue reading If you don’t read the AP….AP Article: Daniel Andrews, the Taliban & the Sexual Enslavement of Women

The new blog ‘Riding Shotgun’ has arrived…

‘Riding Shotgun’ was the term used for the role a bodyguard sitting alongside the driver of a stagecoach in the Wild West. The bodyguard’s role was to provide some ‘double barrel’ action against bandits, cowboys and hostile Indians. The Wild West days might be long gone, but theological bandits, religious cowboys, and yella liberals (some … Continue reading The new blog ‘Riding Shotgun’ has arrived…

Wittenberg Door is changing name!

The Wittenberg door is going to close. But – wait for it – the blog will continue under a different name and direction. Plus the shonky and annoying adds will be removed. Anytime now…


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