Arminians and Particular Redemption

In discussing whether Arminians believe in particular redemption, often they are caricatured to not hold to it. Many Arminians themselves are opposed to Particular Redemption (i.e. election) without realising that Arminian theology does actually hold to it. It’s the basis of Particular Redemption that the Arminians get wrong. Is it God’s sovereign choice, based on grace? Or is it God’s foreknowledge based on our free will and reception of the gospel? RL Dabney writes,

‘Arminians themselves virtually admit the force of these views and scriptures; for their doctrinal books expressly admit God’s particular personal election of every sinner that reaches heaven. A great many ignorant persons suppose that the Arminian theology denies all particular election. This is a stupid mistake. Nobody can deny it without attacking the Scripture, God’s perfections, and common sense.’

— The Five Points Of Calvinism by Robert L. Dabney

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