My New Motorbike…

Having sold my Triumph some months ago – a decision the orthopaedic surgeon was pleased about – there were probably some ‘naysayers’ and ‘soothsayers’ out there who were disappointed and unconvinced I would ever get a bike again. Well, I am happy to say to my detractors that I am no longer ‘bike-less’.

My new bike is cheap to run and maintain, it has little to no emissions, it is unlikely to rust; and compared to my Triumph it is super light and no doubt will get the orthopod’s tick of approval. Moreover, I am no longer a temporary Australian in owning this bike…unless of course I were to trip over it and hit my head on the table. Bikes of all sizes can be dangerous you know.

Here she is:

The test ride went really well too. My German friend took it for a spin but got a speed ticket in Wittenberg…

My German friend also went on to write some books on his motoring experience: ‘The Ninety-Five Tune-Ups’, ‘The freedom of a motorcycle’ and ‘The Bondage of the Thrill.’ He then got kicked out of the infamous outlaw bikie gang ‘The False Prophets’ by their leader ‘Popey Boy’ which is a subset of the aptly named ‘Hell’s Angels’.

God Speed – just don’t get a ticket…

By Nathan L Runham

A Presbyterian minister, husband, father, and perpetual student of the Bible and its theology.

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