Happy Reformation Day!!

Well the 31st of October has come around again. The day on which we celebrate Luther’s posting of his 95 Theses in Wittenberg in 1517. These theses attacked the cruel notion that we can purchase forgiveness and less time in purgatory. Luther came to understand that the gospel of God’s righteousness is good news which is a gift to us–not a threat of punishment! The just shall live by faith (Rom. 1:17), not by faith and works. Luther was really discovering the Apostle Paul for the first time and not inventing anything new…Soli Deo Gloria.

This song was written to reflect on the 5 solas of the reformation by Tim Chester and Bob Kauflin:

1. Your word alone is solid ground,
the mighty rock on which we build.
In every line the truth is found,
and every page with glory filled.

2. Through faith alone we come to you,
we have no merit we can claim,
sure that your promises are true,
we place our hope in Jesus’ name.

     Gloria, gloria, glory to God alone.
     Gloria, gloria, glory to God alone.

3. In Christ alone we’re justified,
his righteousness is all our plea.
Your law’s demands are satisfied,
his perfect work has set us free.

     Gloria, gloria, glory to God alone.
     Gloria, gloria, glory to God alone.

4. By grace alone we have been saved,
all that we are has come from you.
Hearts that were once by sin enslaved,
now by your pow’r have been made new.

     Gloria, gloria, glory to God alone.
     Gloria, gloria, glory to God alone.

Optional final verse for Reformation Sunday:
And on this Reformation day
we join with saints of old to sing;
we lift our hearts as one in praise:
Glory to Christ our gracious King.

Tim Chester and Bob Kauflin

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