COVID…and all that…

COVID cases worldwide to date: 241, 209, 558. (as of 3 days ago)

Deaths: 4, 910, 606.

= 2.03% death rate.

COVID cases in Australia to date: 143, 204.

Deaths: 1532.

= 1.06% death rate.

Of this death rate, 1190 were over 70 = 77.7%.

For those under 70 you have a .23% chance of dying from COVID-19.

Number of people in the world today: 7, 900, 375, 292.

Percentage of these people infected by sin: 100%.

Percentage of sinners who die in their sin going to everlasting punishment: 100%.

Hmmm, what is the greatest existential problem in our world today?

Our greatest problem is sin, thus our greatest need is a saviour = Jesus Christ.

There are no spiritual lockdowns that will help, no vaccines against sin, no masks that will stop the spread. What do all our friends and relatives who are genuinely scared need? = Christ and Him crucified. His righteousness is the only cure…

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