Luther’s Eight Sermons at Wittenberg, March 1522 (Introduction)

Following the Diet of Worms in April 1521, Luther was confined to the walls of Wartburg Castle – for his own safety – and in his absence radical changes were being made in Wittenberg by Andreas von Karlstadt. It seems statues were being destroyed, monks and nuns were being forced to marry and physical violence may have been used to prevent people going to the Roman Catholic mass. Luther finally returned to Wittenberg on March 6 1522 and on March 9 he began a series of short sermons for a period of eight days.

Luther was faced with the situation that much of the Roman practice was wrong and unbiblical, but how should changes to these practices be made? By violence? By anarchy? By commencing a Luther’s Life Matters group (LLM)? In these eight sermons Luther says some good things about going about change. On the one hand Luther strongly disagrees with Rome’s practices and ecclesiology. On the other hand Luther is quite tough on those would seek to make the ‘right change’ in the wrong manner. So, over the coming weeks we will join Luther in these sermons as he expresses how change should be made, where Luther will describe the preaching of the Word as the basic means of change, where beer will be mentioned, and where Luther’s congregation will get a good old fashion scathing from their pastor. It will be far more exciting than an entire series of Days of our Lives or even Neighbours…Part 1 coming soon.

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