Luther Quote #1

In Martin Luther: Preacher of the Cross, John T Pless writes, ‘Suffering is not a sign that God has forsaken the faithful, and outward prosperity is not to be confused with divine endorsement. Noting the way God works in apparent weakness, Luther says , “He lets the godly become powerless and to be brought low, until everyone supposes their end is near, whereas in these very things He is present to them with all His power, yet so hidden and secret that even those who suffer oppression do not feel it but only believe. There is the fullness of God’s power and His outstretched arm. For where man’s strength ends, God’s strength begins, begins provided that faith is present and waits on Him. And when the oppression comes to an end, it becomes manifest what great strength was hidden underneath the weakness. Even Christ was powerless on the cross; and yet there He performed His mightiest work and conquered sin, death, hell, devil, and all evil ” (AE 21 : 340 ).’

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